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Little Gear Software

Why the name Little Gear people ask… After many years in the software development industry we’ve seen the importance of IT systems in business and have helped many business move from paper based systems to new software based systems to gain efficiencies and streamline the way they conduct their business. Where the Little Gear comes in, this is my analogy of what software in business is, the software that runs your business may be a little component to your business but it is the underlying gear that keeps things moving fluently allowing you to focus on things that are more important.”

– Michael Henry (owner)


Digital Transformation

We specialise in digital transformation services allowing your business to use current technologies to capture, transform and use information without the need for manual processing.

Software Development

We build a range of custom applications for the internet, onsite form based or mobile applications. We specialise in data driven applications that allow you to collect and store your information from databases.

About Us

Little Gear Software was established in 2011 and has helped numerous clients ranging from small on person business to large multi-national companies and many government department in the Canberra region.

We pride ourselves on our technical abilities in the software industry but also know that communication is the key to delivering success to business.